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Infab Corporation designs and builds the world’s lightest weight, most comfortable and technologically advanced radiation attenuation products with the highest protection levels of any manufacturer.

Infab Corporation is a manufacturer specializing in radiation protection products. They produce a range of high-quality equipment designed to safeguard individuals from radiation exposure. Here are some of their notable products:

Lead Aprons


These aprons provide essential protection for medical professionals during X-rays and other radiological procedures. Infab’s lead aprons are designed for comfort and safety.

Thyroid Shields


These shields specifically protect the thyroid gland from radiation exposure. They are crucial for anyone working in radiology or nuclear medicine.

Lead Glasses


Infab offers a meticulously curated assortment of lead glasses, combining safety with style. These glasses shield the eyes from radiation.

Lead Apron Racks


Organizational solutions for storing and maintaining lead aprons efficiently.

Scatter Shields


Used to minimize scattered radiation in medical imaging environments.

X-ray Mobile Barriers


Portable barriers that can be positioned to shield against radiation during procedures.

Radiation Protection Accessories


Various accessories to enhance safety and convenience.

Infab Corporation has been a leader in the radiation protection industry since its inception in 1981. Their commitment to innovation and safety ensures that medical professionals can perform their duties while minimizing radiation exposure risks.

Lead Aprons

Thyroid Collars

Lead Apron Racks

Scatter Armour Shields

X-ray Barriers

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