Essential Pro

Paclitaxel eluting coronary balloon dilatation catheter

The novel reliable DCB



Optimal navigation

High pushability
Improved transition lumen


Improved visibility

Excellent trackability
Hydrax plus

Coating technology matters
Not all DCBs are the same

TransferTech, the iVascular proprietary nanotechnology that:


Has a ultrathin coating thanks to the nano drop technology used to coat the balloons.


Ensures a durable coating due to its multilayer technology.


Ensures a uniform artery treatment

Clinical Support


Essential pro has proven its safety and efficacy in the following clinical trials and registries

 Small Vessels Registry​​

Observational, prospective and multicenter registry

4.2% TLF

at 12 months​

ISR Study

Observational, prospecive, multicenter and investigator-initiated study

51.4% In segment maximal area stenosis

at 6 months​

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