Bleeding Control in Femoral Vascular Closure


”Bleeding is a hidden complication in surgeries. It escalates cost and time in OR”

The Axiostat® Vascular haemostatic dressing is intended to control bleeding from vascular access sites. It is proven to achieve quick haemostasis on patients at high-risk of uncontrolled bleeding due to the blood thinners/anticoagulants during sheath removal. Axiostat Vascular can be used in femoral procedures and helps in preserving the artery maintaining arterial patency and has zero reported cases of occlusion. Also, Axiostat® has worked effectively on PCI, Angiogram, VCD and various other cases on both Paediatric and adult patients.

Stops moderate to Severe Bleeding Instantly

No risk of emboli, Works in all sheath sizes

Effective on Patients with Blood Thinners

Ease of Application & Painless Removal

Intended Use

Femoral Interventional Cardiology procedures | Interventional Radiology procedures | Any type of Vascular interventional procedures

Effective in arterial bleeding control and certain vascular surgeries

How to Use Axiostat in Vascular Procedures

Available in Sizes: V55: 5x5cm

Sheath information

Sheath Size Heparin Dosage Duration of manual compression with Axiostat® Dressing Time To remove secondary dressing
6-8Fr Diagnostic Procedure 5000 to 7000 units/mL Approx. 5 minutes Not before 360 minutes
9-12Fr Diagnostic Procedure 7500 to 12000 units/mL Approx. 8 minutes Not before 360 minutes
6-12Fr PCI(Percutaneous Coronary Intervention) or above 6000 to 12000 units/mL Approx. 10 minutes Not before 360 minutes

How to use

1. Peel open the pouch and take Axiostat

2. Remove sheath carefully

3. Apply Axiostat with cotton gauze above it. Hold pressure for at least 5 mins. Additional time may be required for certain patients

4. Once applied, do not lift/remove Axiostat, not even to check haemostasis. Apply secondary dressing to keep Axiostat in position

5. To remove, irrigate with plenty of saline and gently peel it off

Femoral Case Study

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